I’m a happy husband to a beautiful wife and father to the world’s greatest children.
Work? Well, you know the guy who obviously makes a lot of money because he has a nice house a nice car and a nice family but you can’t figure out what he does for a living because he’s always in his gym shorts or outside fooling around with his kids or just hanging out and seems totally unemployable?
Do you know that guy?
Well, I showed him how to do it!
That’s what I do.

For over a decade, I’ve shared the stage with, exclusively interviewed, trained under, or partnered with internationally known Peak Performance and Marketing Superstars such as: Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Jay Abraham, T. Harv Eker, Dolf De Roos, Joel Bauer, Joel Comm, Loral Langemeier,Bob Proctor, Mark Victor Hansen, Robert Allen, Michael Gerber, Andy Fuehl, Ruben Gonzalez, Chris Widener, Chris Howard, Armand Morin, Randy Gage, Dr Joe Rubino, BJ Dohrmann, and Matt Bacak.

I am the founder and co-creator of numerous automated, turnkey internet marketing systems and the co-creator the wildly famous NetMillionaire Training System and Co Host the popular Radio Show for Entrepreneurs, NetMillionaire Buzz Radio.