About Me:
I’m a happy husband to a beautiful wife and father to the world’s greatest children

For over a decade, I’ve shared the stage with, exclusively interviewed, trained under, or partnered with internationally known Peak Performance and Marketing Superstars such as: Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Jay Abraham, T. Harv Eker, Bob Proctor, Mark Victor Hansen, Robert Allen, Michael Gerber, Andy Fuehl, Ruben Gonzalez, Chris Widener, Chris Howard, Armand Morin, Randy Gage, Dr Joe Rubino, BJ Dohrmann, and Matt Bacak.

I am the founder and co-creator of numerous turnkey internet marketing systems and the co-creator the wildly famous NetMillionaire Training System and Co Host the popular Radio Show for Entrepreneurs, NetMillionaire Buzz Radio.

The purpose of this page is pretty self explanatory.  It’s
to tell you a little more about me …if you cared to

First off, … I’m crazy about my family.

But … I’ll tell you a little more about who I am. To begin the story, … first off, I was born. Just kidding. I’m not going to take you back that far, but I am going to tell you a little about my family.


I was raised in a middle class military family where my father had retired a full Colonel from the Air Force. My dad had fought in “The Big One” … WWII and was quite a story teller to put it mildly.

Sad for me, probably like many boys, I didn’t realize how great my dad really was until I was in my late twenties.   If we’d had a mantra for our house, it would have been “Nothing is Impossible”.  That’s something I try to live my life by today.


I was raised the last of 8 children and although my brother Greg, at times, beat the tar out of me, and took great pleasure in tormenting me, we are terrific friends to this day.  In fact he is one of my very best friends.

For a middle class family, we were taught a work ethic by my dad who couldn’t stand having things be “half done”. As a result, every member of my family has had very good success. One is a Phd and former dean at Stanford University and three of my other siblings are self made millionaires. One is a Bank President, another is retired and my brother Greg, the definition of “Entrepreneur”.  My other brother will soon make his million as well. He’s a financial planner.

Fast Forward.  I graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering.  But …I always wanted to be an Entrepreneur.  More than that, I always knew that I didn’t have to be the sharpest tool in the shed to make it in life, I just had to be at the right place at the right time … and recognize it. After all, was Bill Gates’ secretary the best secretary in the world?  Of course not, she was just at the right place at the right time … and is now worth millions!

When I started my professional career I took a job as an installation engineer at a computer company in Seattle.  I really loved it … at first, but then, after about a year or so, I thought to my self “Is this all there is?  Am I supposed to just go to work, eat dinner, sleep and go back to work?  Is this what life is all about?”  I was told by my sister “Yes. That exactly what its all about and you better get used to it, ’cause you have about another 40 years to go!”  Yuk!  You have to be kidding me!

I was ripe to start an Entrepreneurial Endeavor. But how? And … What?

Enter my first sponsor and my first foray into Home Business and Network Marketing.  My first exposure to the Networking Business was 6 years with Amway.  My sponsor was great, and he painted an amazing picture of “Interactive Television”.  He told me how there was going to be many many “buying channels” on TV where people would buy everything. He told me of the explosive growth of the catalog industry and how I could corner the market. … Wow. Here was my chance to “be at the Right Place at the Right Time!”.  “My God, you mean when someone orders light bulbs or boxer shorts on TV, I might make a penny or two on that?!  Fantastic!”

Well, that never happened for me, although I did drive 35,000 miles one year, while working full time in a job that did not require me to drive any miles.  Yep. All those miles I did on my own outside of work!  But ….


Here’s what that did for me though. It gave me hours and hours of time to listen to positive, motivational tapes and it taught me first hand the principles Napoleon Hill teaches in Think and Grow Rich .. namely … “The Habit of Going the Extra Mile” (or 35,000 of them!).


From that business, and the amazing mentors I had for 6 years, I changed my whole life.  My mentors were very strong Christian believers and as a result I accepted Jesus as my personal savior in 1994. Since then, my life has never been the same.  Prior to that time, I had never really known the Lord on a personal basis. I’d been raised Catholic, had gone to Catholic school and learned all about church but never about the Bible, what God says and what my relationship with Him means.

As a result of that decision and changing my life, I met my wife Kristine at church and we have two amazing kids today. Had I not accepted Christ I would have never been to church and … wouldn’t have her or my great kids!  I am totally Grateful for these first mentors!

As a result of my first networking experience and the success principles I learned, I excelled big time in my job.  The best success training I have ever had was from that first experience.  Although I did very well and consistently was a top performer in sales, Entrepreneurship  and helping and motivating people was in my blood!

I’ve always felt compelled to help people, to teach them and to inspire them.  I once heard it said that … “Someone else’s destiny may be only one sentence away from something you say to them”!  I take that very seriously and try to, on purpose, recognize and tell people things that change their destiny.  Think about it.  You might recognize some talent in someone and because you recognize it and spotlight it, their life (and possibly even the lives of thousands) may go off in a whole different direction! Amazing isn’t it?

Although over the years I continued Networking and have done well in many businesses, I ventured strongly into direct sales.  I built several successful affiliate bases in numerous companies using the power of the internet.  My passion is to build systems to make sales efforts easier for myself and my affiliates  I am not afraid to state that, I want for myself and my affiliates, to earn as much money as possible with the least amount of work.  Why Not?  Would you rather build a house with a hammer and hand saw or a nail gun and a skill saw?  The answer is obvious.

My true passion however is to teach, train, mentor and to bring out the best in others around me.

3 years ago this passion became clearly focused as I became a Peak Potentials Certified Trainer (Level 1 and Level 2).  The people that teach this material for Peak Potentials, are the best of the best.T. Harv Ecker, Blair Singer, Paul Scheele, Richard Greene and many more are the best trainers money can buy. Their experience teaching accelerated Learning Techniques and “Experiential Training” is hands down, the most dynamic presentation and “trainer training” available anywhere.

As a result of my extensive training with Peak Potentials, myself and two other partners, both who are also certified trainers, formed a company called “The Hare Brained Ideas Group”.  Its purpose is to bring to market unique, fun and powerful products related to training.  The first product we have brought to market is the wildly famous, “NetMillionaire Training System” which is a powerful training system using all of the principles of accelerated learning and experiential training for Networkers and Home Based Business Entrepreneurs! This powerful system is designed in form of board game which is an absolute ball to play …and to learn.  The appropriate term is “InfoTainment”.

As a result of our work in the creation of the Amazing NetMillionaire Training System, my partners and I created a radio show for Home Based Entrepreneurs. The show is know as

“The place for the small business Entrepreneur and Network Marketer, to gather and learn the latest in cutting Edge Success Training.”

On this show, I have had the pleasure of interviewing, exclusively, Billionaires such as Mark Victor Hansen (Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul), Sales Master and Motivational Speaker Brian Tracy, Best Selling Author and Trainer, T. Harv Ecker, Best Selling Author and Trainer Robert Allen, Master Trainer, Randy Gage and many many more.

As I mentioned, at the top of the page, I’ve had access to some amazing people. Here are a few of those I’ve worked and trained with.

Bob Proctor of “The Secret”

Training Genius, Harv Eker

Bill Phillips. Mega Millionaire
Enterpreneur. Marketing Genius

Author, Philosopher, Deepak Chopra, MD

My Distinct pleasure to meet Nobel Prize Winner and President of Costa Rica, Oscar Arias Sanchez at his private meeting for the alliance for a New Humanity. San Jose Costa Rica 2008


So, who is Rob Hannley?  In addition to everything above, with love for my family,I am a man with a passion to help my fellow man.   What’s the purpose of creating wealth?  To give it away! 

A great man I know from church travels every year to Africa.  In addition to paying all of his expenses for hotels etc., he brings with him $10, 000 in cash in $100 dollar bills.  Why does he do this?  For the sole (or perhaps I should say, “soul”) purpose of giving a $100 bill to anyone he feels the spirit of the Lord is leading him to do that for.  He brings $10,000 … to give it away!  A $100 bill in Africa is like receiving $10,000 in the US. How would getting $10,000 from a stranger today change your immediate circumstances?  Probably a lot.

How about this though. Why not learn to create Massive Wealth yourself, wealth which is not dependant on you to make happen, so you can be the person to give the money away or … whatever your passion is.

Don’t you too want to make a contribution?  That’s who I am!

To your Success and Victory in Life!

Rob Hannley | Entrepreneur, Trainer, CEO, Visionary


Dolf DeRoos Wealth Summit Conference
Speakers: Aussie Rob, Joel Bauer, Rob Hannley, Dolf DeRoos

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I love to fly! I was born with it in my blood.  My dad had the same bug! I have my VFR (Visual Flight Rules) license and I plan on getting my IFR (Instruments), Sea Plane, and ..I’d even like to learn to fly Jets or Helicopters.  Why not? It just takes some time and money.   You know there’s a guy that’s going to have tours in Space?  SIGN ME UP!! My wife, however has “banned” me from flying, skydiving, bunging jumping, etc etc. (you get the picture) until our kids are a little older. Have to wait.
Kristine and I both LOVE Scuba Diving.  Soon our kids will too.  When we dive, its gotta be warm though. We love the Caribbean and have dove many places there like Grand Cayman Islands and Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.
I earned my 2nd Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo when I was in college.  In fact, while I was in college, I ran my own school and had the absolute pleasure of promoting 6 children and 3 adults to the rank of 1st Degree Black Belt.My son Haydn is almost 4 years old and we will teach him as well.


“Beloved I wish above all things that thouest may prosper and be in health … even as thy soul prospers!” –  God   3John 2

Since this this page is about me, it might seem silly to say this but I will anyway.
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