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Here is a Small Sample of Some of My Top Recommendations

Affiliate Marketing Training Program:

#1 – Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads
Facebook ads are a great way to generate a massive amount of high quality, high converting leads. At the bottom of your facebook profile you’ll see a link labeled “Advertising”. This is where you begin, and facebook will walk you through the process.

Our recommendation is to target internet marketing sources, popular books like “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, and other products, services, or systems that may be in direct competition as to what you are offering. Get creative with your targeting. Targeting is key to making these work. Facebook is a very affordable method and you will quickly learn as you go, no matter your advertising experience or skill level.

#2 – ArcaMax

ArcaMax delivers high quality solo ads and text ads. They have multiple options to choose from to fit any budget size.

#3 – Rent-A-List

– Another great place to send out text ads and solo ads. You can target by category here as well. If you do, it’s important to target age 25+ simply because these are the people who have credit cards and money from what we’ve seen in the past.

#4 – DEMC

DEMC is an awesome place to buy solo ads. Go there and get one of these ASAP. It takes a while to run, but the traffic is premium and well worth the wait and the spend.

#5 – Bob Beckett

email for details:
We had to throw in a true golden nuget. This guy owns a list of 300,000+ and sells solos ads to his personal list. You can expect a very very good response rate every time. You’ll have to email him for this one. He has a few different packages. Just ask him about them.

#6 – Backpage

– Very similar to craigslist, you can post biz opp ads and ads in just about any category here. I know this place works because we use it quite a bit. You can pretty much buy an ad that will run for you in every city throughout the US and have it set to re-submit after your ad period has expired.

#7 – Reddit

Reddit is like a social news feed site. If you go there you’ll see sponsored ads at the top of the page. Not many people know about this and it can literally be a goldmine. You will have to test different images along with your ad copy, but clicks here can be cheap. When you get to the site scroll down to the bottom and check out their self serve ad platform.

#8 – Plenty Of Fish

This is one of the largest dating self serve ad platform. Granted, it’s a dating site, but it’s just like facebook. You can target by gender, age, sex, intrests, and much more. Don’t be fooled here. Just because it’s a dating site doesn’t mean you can’t place ads related to internet marketing and online business. Like facebook, you will submit an image and ad copy. Be sure to split test your images and ad copies for the highest click through rates (CTR).

#9 – Leadimpact

Leadimpact serves “pop under” traffic. What you do here is target similar sites related to yours. For example, you can have your capture page pop under the site so that when a user visits that site, your ad pops up and hopefully they subscribe to your newsletter or business. You can pay as little as .015 per view here. My suggestions is to start small targeting only a few sites at a time to get a feel for this platform. There minium deposit amount is $200 to get started.

#10 – 7Search

This is a 2nd tier paid search engine where you can get cheap clicks to your ads. The quality of this traffic tends to be lower quality overall, but it is very affordable, and you can definitely make money here with the right ads and enough of them. Here it is very easy to target things like, “work from home”, “home business”, “online business”, etc.

#11 – Gotsafelist

We’ve been using this place for a very long time. You can buy text links, banners, and login ads here. We have found the best type of ads here are the text links and login ads. It’s cheap and effective. There are not too many safelists that we’d recommend, but this one is an exception.

#12 – Admob

Mobile marketing is probably the fastest growing new traffic source there is. It won’t be long before everyone starts jumping on this type of traffic. These days everyone has a cell phone, and now you can have your ads pop up on applications for just about any mobile phone service provider. The thing you want to be sure of here is that whatever page you submit and plan to use for mobile marketing – make sure it displays properly on mobile devices! The easiest way to do this is to test it with your own phone.
Have you played any games lately? Or better yet, have you used an app on your phone and had an ad pop up? Well… that’s mobile marketing. The wave of the future.

#13 – Postcards & Direct Mail

MSI is one of the leaders when it comes to direct mail marketing. They’ll design your postcard or sales letters for you and mail to select lists of known buyers for just about any niche. Direct response marketing is a true cash cow when done right. We recommend doing this only once you’ve established a positive cash flow and have a healthy budget.

#14 – Adblade

Adblade is a marketing platform that serves your ads on various sites found on the internet. Their model is cost per click (CPC). The nice thing about working with them is that you’re assigned an individual account manager. Your ad could appear on popular news sites like FOX, USA Today, and to name a few. Work with an account manager here if you plan to use this and they’ll help you optimize the campaign down to what you want to pay per lead. This source does require a good starting budget to test properly. Simply write up a good headlline, good ad copy, and give them the page you wish to promote. Just be sure to add in your tracking ( so they can track which pages in their network are driving you the most leads for the cheapest cost per lead (CPL).

#15 – Newspapers

This is a great source to place ads in local newspapers. Typically you want to try to target the “work at home” type section of the news paper. You can do a penny savers ad here for just a few hundred bucks that will go out to over 1 million readers. Personally, we’ve had our best results from doing the local papers. This again is something you’ll want to move into when you’re ready. I don’t recommend starting out with solely newspaper ads unless you’ve got a nice budget to work with.
Also …
Here is a list of all the recommended safelists. There are a ton of them. You can download them here.
Free Resource To Safelists
This is, by no means, a complete list of resources, but it is plenty to get your feet wet. There is more than enough to be dangerous here without being completely overwhelmed.

Best Auto-responder: This web-based auto-responder service is used by most of the top marketers around the world! I use a couple of different auto-responder systems for a variety of reasons – if I had to choose just one… this would be it.

Best Email Marketing: A complete email database management and marketing system.

Best Turnkey Website Development and Marketing Program: Watch this video for a complete tour and you’ll agree that this training along with the “turnkey website development software” recommended on this page – you well be well on your way to creating effective and high converting sites.

Best Turnkey Website Development Software: Literally Develop Websites and Blogs with the click of a few buttons and the selection of a few templates from a gallery of options. The best part of this software is that you pay one modest fee to purchase your licence and create unlimited sites.

Best Internet Marketing Forum: Expert advise, the latest news on a variety of home business and affiliate marketing topics.

Key Word Research Tools

Best Key Word Spy Tool: Secretly spy on your market and niches and uncover anyones Google-Adword Keywords while you browse Google in real-time! Download This Revolutionary New Keyword Research Tool free by clicking on the hyperlinked title.


You do not have to spend money paying a designer to create banner graphics, squeeze pages and blog templates. I have personally used each of theses graphic resources to create a customized appearance for all of my online components in my funnel.

Don’t get me wrong, there will come a time when you will want to advance your business to a higher level by paying a designer to create a consistent brand across all of your websites and social media pages, but not quite yet – this will come with time and profits!

Instant Banner Creator: Free and simple system to create custom header graphics for all of your websites, blogs, and social media pages. Simply create your banner and copy the HTML code into your application.

Instant Squeeze Page Generator: Free and simple to create attractive, opt in persuading squeeze pages using a simple point and click system complete with a variety of themes, bonus offers, and buttons. Place your Aweber code in the widget provided and build your list. You can either host your own pages or have them hosted for you at no additional charge.

Low Cost Logo Creation Service: Do you need a logo? If you do not have a professionally designed logo you need one. is dedicated to providing a professional look and feel for your domain name & website, an identity that engenders confidence and tells your customers that you are a serious enterprise. The most amazing part is that it will only cost you twenty-five dollars to have a custom logo delivered to you as a Gif file. If you need a more extensive package they offer there top of the line package for less than one hundred dollars.

Content Editors

Not everyone has a passion for writing, but copy writing is perhaps the most important skill you need to possess or have access to as an online marketer. Yes, I said “have access to” because you do not have to do the writing yourself. Here are a collection of resources design to do most or all of the work for you. Be sure to read the entire sales page by following the links provided.

Instant MLM Sales Letters: Created by MLM Master Trainer Chris Zavadowski, Instant MLM Sales Letters is a large collection of sales letter and copy that can be used on your websites, blogs, squeeze pages, sales letters, and auto-responder series. I have recommended this program to my private coaching students who were stuck with writers block in order to help them breakthrough. There is an art to copy writing and this system makes it easy, just fill in the blanks and publish your professional content.

Instant Sales Letters: Created by Yanik Silver, Instant Sales Letters is a collection of marketing sales letters not tied to any particular niche. This collection covers everything from opening lines, to content body, to presenting a written guarantee. This set of letters will empower you to fill your sites and auto-responders with powerful and persuasive copy.

Auto Responder Magic: Down and Dirty Swipe Copy from Yanik Silver. An inexpensive ebook filled with copy that you simply copy, paste, and edit into your pages and auto-responder messages messages. This is the quick, cheap and easiest way to add professional copy.

Social Media

Twitter Resources

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