Copywriting Movies and Funnels

I LOVE to Write Copy and My Copy Makes Money!

The Movie Scripts, Webpage Copy, Auto-responders and Notification Emails I’ve Written Have Generated Almost $50M in Sales. 

If you need copy that sells, you’re in the right place. I’ve written nearly all the copy 5 companies with a ridiculous amount of sales. Naturally, it’s not just the copy, it’s the audio and a great video guy that is necessary for a great sales movie.  Also a great designer to make the copy really come to life on a sales page.  Pretty emails are nice too but ALL messaging starts with copy.  Actually, I take that back. It FIRST starts with a sincere belief that the product, service or business system can be of benefit, perhaps life changing benefit, to the person watching.

I take it very seriously that the person that’s reading my copy may be literally praying for an answer to their problem.  From there, I WANT to connect.

So, it all starts from there with a strong desire to have a CONVERSATION with the person that’s watching or reading.  It’s about drawing word pictures, making comparisons and “hearing the conversation in your mind” as the copy is written. so that it answers the natural progression of questions the person that’s taking it in will have.

Let’s make no mistake.  We live in a “3 second attention spam” / “status update” / 160 word text or Tweet world.  If what you have isn’t something that on the very first “bite” appeals to me, you’re gone after 3-5 seconds.

If you make it past 3-5 seconds, remember, there are a thousand other things yelling “LOOK HERE!” and the worst thing is NOT to be rejected but to be forgotten.

I love to make my videos and copy EDGY, FUN, INTERACTIVE, ENTERTAINING, but most of all, I want the copy to get the people to ask themselves questions or to build confidence and I want it to be memorable.

Here is some of the movies where I wrote the script.

Capture page for an MLM (Was for MWR Life but now I’m working on creating a competing company.

Capture page and Webinar Video I made originally for a Travel Business.  This will be used.

Capture page and Webinar Video I made originally for a Travel Business (SPANISH Version).  This will be used.

Capture page and Webinar Video  I made originally for Forever Green’s Ketopia product

Capture page Video I made for my great friend Paul Darby’s MrX Traffic

Wealthy Place Travel Corporate Site – First Class Elite Package

Wealthy Place Travel Marketing Site – Membership Packages

Wealthy Place Travel Marketing Site – Compensation Plan

Organo Gold Pre Sell / Healthy Coffee Movie